Judge 4FT with Bar-Be-Cube

So, if you’re thinking that bigger is always better and like to have the best equipment for everything you do then the Judge is equipped for you. The Judge 4FT Rotisserie is equipped with 8 Stainless Rotisserie racks and 3 Stainless grilling grates. 4 additional Stainless Rotisserie racks can be added for additional cooking surface. The Judge 4FT can be ordered with several trailer options or with legs and mounting pads. Whether competing in a competition or catering for a large party, it is always good to have the Judge on your side.

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  • Rotisserie Model allows for consistent heat throughout the smoking process
  • Smoke and Grill on one unit
  • (8-12) Stainless steel Rotisserie racks
  • (3) Stainless racks in firebox to sear & grill meat over direct heat
  • (5) Removable Stainless work shelves on front, back and side
  • Additional Stainless steel flat racks can be ordered with removal of rotisserie
  • Stainless steel cool touch handles
  • Large easy read high temperature gauges
  • LED Light Bar
  • Large smokebox doors for easy access to Rotisserie
  • Push button latches on Smokebox doors for minimum loss of heat and smoke
  • Heavy duty durable door hinges
  • Dependable low rpm motor
  • Stainless belt guard
  • Efficient firebox design for low operating expense
  • Full length firebox for consistent heat in the Rotisserie
  • (4) Dampers for precise control of heat and smoke
  • Insulator/Heat Shield in Firebox
  • Charcoal Divider in Firebox for controlled efficient burn
  • Heat Deflecting Warming Plates in Firebox
  • Ash removal rake system allows safe easy clean out with no mess
  • Fire grate is made of heavy duty expanded metal with ½ inch round rod frame for durability
  • Large 1½ inch brass ball valves for easy drainage of juices
  • Painted with durable high temp paint
  • Fabricated with new heavy gauge material for longevity
  • Fabricated and welded by experienced professionals
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Cooking Surface – Judge 4FT

5124 sq/in
744 sq/in of grilling surface
4-8 Stainless Steel Rotisserie Upper Racks 42 x 9 1/2
4 Stainless Steel Rotisserie Lower Racks 42 x 11 1/2
3 Stainless Steel Grilling Racks 16 x 15 1/2
3 Stainless Steel Flat Racks 47 x 34
1 Stainless Steel Flat Rack 47 x 32
3 Stainless Steel Grilling Racks 16 x 15 1/2

Dimensions – Judge 4FT

Smokebox/Firebox 48”W x 56”D
Overall 80”W x 153”L x 69”H (top of stack and tongue in place)

Cooking Surface – Bar-Be-Cube

2200 sq/in
4 Stainless Steel Racks 21” x 21”
2 Stainless Steel Racks 21” x 11”

Dimensions – Bar-Be-Cube

Smokebox/Firebox 24”W x 24”D x 43”H
Overall 33”W x 33”D x 48”H (top of stack)


2100 lbs.


Judge 4FT Towing with Rotisserie
Judge 4FT Towing with Flat Racks
Judge 4FT with Legs and Mounting Pads

Stainless Pellet Systems

Thermostat Controlled, Pilot Light Spark Ignition Propane/Gas System
Custom Options Available


Custom Fit Cover
Stainless Rotisserie Racks
Stainless Flat Racks
Spare Tire Mount
Spare Tire
Stack Extensions
Butterfly Stack Extensions
BBQ Guru Power Draft System


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